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April 29, 2017
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What is the difference between Quick book online and quickbook hosting



To simplify the accounting solutions targeted for small and mid-size businesses, intuit has launched latest cloud based accounting software called as quickbooks online. The control and management of this cloud-based accounting software is completely in the hands of Intuit. Intuit took this step keeping in mind the future of technology which is going to be completely cloud-based. However, there is another option of cloud-based accounting software available in the form of Quickbooks Hosting for the users.
There is a prevailing confusion between QuickBooks online and Quickbooks Hosting. To clear out this confusion let me define first what is QuickBooks Hosting. QuickBooks Hosting is nothing but availing the QuickBooks desktop version on cloud-based servers. However, one of the basic differences between QuickBooks online and QuickBooks Hosting is that QuickBooks Hosting is usually controlled and managed by a third-party hosting service provider. This helps in attaining all the cloud benefits such as real time collaboration, remote accessibility, etc. Since QuickBooks Desktop has more robust features and is more versatile than QuickBooks online, QuickBooks hosting seems to be a wiser choice on many fronts.
For clearing out the dilemma, you can go through the differences between the list of features each one of them has given below:

Features QuickBooks Online QuickBooks Hosting
Complete QuickBooks Desktop Features No Yes
Usage Similarity With QuickBooks Desktop No Yes
Dedicated Training Needs Yes No
Anytime, Anywhere Access Yes Yes
Mobile and Cross-device Access Yes Yes
Plan Charges Fixed By Intuit Scalable with Service Providers
Better Lead and Inventory Center No Yes
Shipping Manager No Yes
QuickBooks Statement Writer Yes Yes
Convenience of Add-ons Integration Yes Yes
Speed of Processing Slower than QB on Desktop Faster and Depends On Server
Data Sync with Local Machine Yes Yes
Automated Backup Yes Yes
Real time Multi-User Collaboration Yes Yes
User Permission Control Yes Yes
Additional Application Hosting No Yes

The aforementioned comparison table is able to provide you only the general differences between the two types of cloud accounting solutions. If you want to dig deeper into their usage and version features then you may call our expert team of QuickBooks on 1800-945-0645.
Without a doubt, QuickBooks desktop version is far ahead in terms of features. Hence, the usability factor of QuickBooks Online lags behind the QuickBooks Desktop version in terms of performance. However, the online version of QuickBooks serves satisfactorily if you are a beginner to cloud-based accounting solutions and is flexible regarding the pace of the software. On the other hand, QuickBooks Hosting has more apt solution for the businesses and accounting professionals whose work is speed driven.
Accounting on cloud has proved to be immensely significant for businesses and is growing rapidly. Hence, it is clear that QuickBooks Hosting is an easier pick for the time being as it has best of both the worlds.
If you are still not satisfied with the answer then you may call our experts on QuickBooks online technical support number 1800-945-0645F for deeper analysis and scrutinization.


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